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Computers have become an integral part of our lives, from researching

various topics to submitting papers, to making power point presentations,

to chatting across the town, province, country and world with loved ones

without paying long distance fees. Much like automobiles and homes, buying

a computer can be a very difficult decision with all the manufacturers and

options available. I will look at purchasing a computer from either a

store or through the Internet. I will look at both the advantages and

disadvantages of each. I will also briefly describe computers with similar

options and specifications.

When purchasing a computer through the Internet, it is extremely

important to stay with a reputable manufacturer like Dell for instance.

Dell computers are used by most universities in the world and the work

world as well. Shopping on-line also affords the customer the opportunity

to shop at any specific time and not be tied down to store hours.

Dell offers a security policy and guarantees shipping within a

specified time period. By using the Internet, the purchaser eliminates the

middleman and deals directly with the manufacturer. This reduces the cost.

The manufacturer may also offer reduced rates and special pricing and

financial packages that a retailer may not be able to offer. Warranties

offered by Dell are very comparable to those offered by retailers. Virus

protection offered by Dell is also very comparable to that offered by

retailers. Additional virus protection can also be downloaded free of

charge or purchased if required.

When making any major purchase it is always a good idea to do some

comparison shopping, shopping around for the best deal. Visiting different

sites on the Internet is easy and fast. Specifications for various

computers can be downloaded or printed for easy comparison. Another

advantage to Dell is that the...