Computer Security

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Your home computer has all a person's information, and access to a world for another person. Credit card information, bank accounts and, social security numbers. These people can take this information use your identity to get them a very good paid by you the person with the home computer. The system intruders use "hard disk" space, "fast processor", and the Internet connection. The more computers that an intruder uses the harder it is to find that intruder. Home computers are easy to break into. They are not typically secure.

The introduction of the cable modem has allowed the home computer to be vulnerable. The high-speed modem has the computer on at all times. If a hacker wants to get into the computer there is very little you can do. The home computer owner must take preventative measures before the actual installation of the computer. The programs have to be kept off the computer.

The attackers use viruses they send through emails. If we read this email we activate the virus. The attacker then installs a program that continues to let them use the computer. Anti-virus programs have the capability to clear contents of the virus. A pattern called a "virus signature" is formed to each file, and kills the virus one detected.

Make Backups of important files and folders. The home computer user must make a backup of the important information. There are many selections available for the storage of personal information. Floppy dicks and cd-roms are the most common. Back-up files should be standard for all files.

Alpha- numeric passwords having a combination of characters for a password helps keep the intruders from getting access as easy without the combination of numbers, and words. The password has to be unique. Including certain tests that strengthen the password helps. The...