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Julia Hazlewood

Mrs. Klett


3 April 2014


King Henry 8th

The act of the Submission is passed. It says that any man of the curch has to submit to the King. Some indian man named Manco Inca Yupanqui is made chief by his tribe.Martin Luther's translation of the Christian Bible into German is published and everyone gets a copy. He even redid the Old Testament and Apocrypha too. There is a book created in some language called Yiddish.

This man had 6 wives and four children. This man would get a divorce, have his wife murdered, or she might die from child birth. He didn't care. His strength was in domestic problems. All he cared about were his people and not the things going around him. He annexed the city of Wales. This united England and Wales more than they had ever been before. They were one nation.

He loved laws. He created and act called the Second Succession Act. This made only Jane's kids rightful ownership of the thrown once he died. King Henry became to get scared of dying. He used a lot of money to create a wall of protection. He would just get a new wife and live normal. But his birth son got the reign rather Janes kids because they were not his. He reigned at the age of 9 when King Henry died.

This affects us as christians in many ways. If King Henry did not make all the good laws he made back then then there might not be christians. His son was a better ruler then him which also helped us. They were not all good but no ruler is but God. God is God. He is amazing all wonderful King. He is always there for us if we...