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Computer technology started in the 1940's, yet during this time they were the size of a modern house and could cost as much as a battleship (Encarta Encyclopedia). Then in 1977, Apple was the first company to develop the personal computer, which was small enough to fit on a desk. Finally in the last twenty years computing power doubles every eighteen months due to faster processors, which enable computers to do billions of calculations per second, and new storage devices that can hold entire libraries on a single device. Our everyday lives have grown more efficient and smoother due to computer technology: it enables society to access an unlimited amount of resourceful information and revolutionizes industry.

It is true, of course that it is often difficult to find resourceful information using computers and the Internet. For example, if a person tried to search for specific facts relating to a book he would encounter some web sites would contain false information; therefore, a person can not be completely dependent on the computer because there is nothing verify it's authenticity.

However, when used in the right fashion the computer and the Internet can be very resourceful. It can give you access to official libraries and even museums throughout the world and they are only a simple mouse click away. At these sites a person can find more than just simple text and flat pictures, they can take virtual tours and watch actual footage of different events past and present. With a little bit of knowledge and a helpful search engine, such as, a person can surpass the few false web pages out of the billions that are available.

Undoubtedly, video communication lessons the face-to-face encounter that would normally be part of interrelationships, mainly due to the fact that...