Computer Technology and what parents should look for when buying a home computer.

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Computer Technology

Parents are different in many ways when it comes to shopping for a personal home computer for their children. Nowadays, many parents believe that children need a computer to help fulfill their educational needs, while others choose them for very different reasons. When shopping for their child's computer, some parents can be classified as the status symbol parents, the clueless parents, the educated parents or the technical parents.

The status symbol parents will approach buying a personal computer as if they were buying a pair of designer-jeans, looking for the latest fashion and top of the line accessories. They like to brag about the computer they just bought their son Joey who was just beginning nursery school. This computer, of course, has to be the top of the line, the most expensive, with the fastest microprocessor available. These parents constantly ramble on about their son Joey who uses it to learn the alphabet or play some games to help him learn to read.

After listening a while, one might feel that his own child will lack the essential educational skills needed if he dose not purchase a brand name computer. In all probability a computer with such features could run a small business or even help a rocket scientist solve mathematical equations. Buying a computer of this magnitude for a child beginning nursery school just reinforces the need of the parents to use this computer as a status symbol or conversation piece rather than for true educational purposes.

The clueless parents will buy a computer for their child not having any conception of what a computer does or why it exists. These parents have no interest in computers and rely on others to help them purchase a computer. Unlike the status symbol parent, clueless parents do not care...