Computer technology has become an integral part of our lives. Discuss what you envision will be some if its important impacts on your life over the next ten years.

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Effect of Computers: the past, present and the future.


Once in a lifetime we would come across a device that changes the way we work, live, and play. The computer is such a machine having taken the world by storm. Computers now form the backbone of every business in the U.S. and one out of every two households. From the first wooden abacus to the latest high-speed microprocessor, the computer has changed nearly every aspect of people's lives for the better. And the future is even more exciting.

Current Scenario:

Imagine being able to do almost anything right from your own living room. One could order a pizza, watch cartoons, or play video games with people from around the entire world. One may find information available online, complete the homework or chat with friends and relatives. Not only this one can visit websites of countries, organizations, schools and colleges.

More and more people are conducting many activities all with the help of computers.

Computers have improved the productivity of workers, scientists, doctors, managers, teachers and students. With its ability of high speed processing it is now possible to carry out mammoth calculations, write extensive write-ups and reports, make excellent and powerful presentations. Compound this with ability to send data across the cities and countries and we enter into a world of paperless office conquering the frontiers of distance and time. It is very much possible now to conduct important business, or scholarly activities via net meeting and videoconferencing without actually traveling that distance.

The future:

The future of commuters as a technology can only be guessed upon. It is assumed that the connection between computers and humans will become much closer. People will feel the need to become "one" with their machines and possibly even be physically linked...