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User PrivacyPrivacy is of utmost importance to everyone on an everyday basis, no matter where you are. One thing most people don't understand is privacy while using their PC's, weather it's at work or home. There are countless programs, virus's and web trackers which can impose PC users' privacy, with many being unaware. Ensuring Privacy for users of any PC is the means and processes used to maintain the protection and confidentiality of any files, programs, information and anything else on the system, from any unwanted sources. Within this report, I will explain some risks associated with not ensuring user privacy, and some steps to help maintain it. There will also be an investigation of a corporate website which ensures privacy for its users, and how well they comply with ensuring privacy.

Types of privacy that can be at risk, In today's computing world, there are so many individuals and 'companies' which thrive on the access of everyday PC users information and data.

For instance, if information about your web browsing history is obtained by spammers, you will receive endless pop up's advertising products related to what you are browsing. This is just one form of invasion of privacy. There are many more, such as data/information collection and misuse, such as filling in a form to 'win a holiday to LA', with all your personal details, which could lead to your credit card being maxed out. There is also the privacy issue of an individual obtaining your logon details, through carelessness or by hacking, and maliciously using your PC. Also on a lot of shared computers, files are deleted, simply by pressing 'Delete'. This is how some information is obtained by others. As the old saying goes, "what has been seen, can be recovered", meaning if you have utilised...