COMPUTER USERS – How Ignorant Are You?

Essay by JinsueHigh School, 10th gradeA, June 2008

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If your online bank details are stolen, how do you think someone got them? Would you immediately say you were hacked?How about if someone told you that it was your fault?The problem in the use of the internet in these modern times is not the evil beasts that people have labelled as hackers or any other name you may try to call them. The problem stems from the users.

With the constantly growing social networking websites that seem to be popping up everywhere, more and more cyber stalkers, cyber bullies and hackers using black hat techniques like phishing are targeting this young demographic, resolving in online thefts and web defacement jumping to a rise.

Global networking websites such as MySpace, FaceBook and Bebo allow users to create custom profiles and fill in their personal details, make social plans and discuss their interests between friends.

Added 'friends' or 'buddies' are often people who have stumbled across someone's 'wall,' 'blog' or 'space' and there is no real life relationship between a lot of users.

This lack of credible information about people who can see your profile is being looked over and a person's information and plans between friends are being exposed to the World Wide Web. But this isn't that bad is it?Think of all your passwords or codes that you use in your day-to-day life; for your banking or email accounts; how easy do you think it is for someone that knows you, a spouse or family member, to work it out? What most people do is give out clues on the web.

Since these social networking sites aim at the young audience of the technology age, there are millions of clients searching through online profiles every day. However schools and family have fallen behind the times and are failing...