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Viruses The word virus can be very disheartening, especially when computers are involved. A digital virus is a computer code composed of instructions hidden inside a program. These instructions can either be malicious or more stealthy, not letting their presence be known until it is too late. Regardless of the type you have encountered or will encounter either purposely or on accident, there is help. Software companies have been and will continue to be hard at work writing virus protection software to protect us and our computers from those nasty viruses.

"Viruses first appeared in 1985. Then, they were largly created in university laboratories by wayward geniuses keen to pit their programming skills against one another. Since then, errant programmers had began to create newer and more destructive viruses targeted at specific users groups" (Yang 1998). A computer virus can be as evil as it sounds, snaking its way into all computers both personal and business, posing an occasional annoyance or a serious threat to all data.

Indications that you have encountered a virus can be anything from rather amusing to seriously fatal. Computer viruses act much like human viruses in that they spread rather quickly much similar to that of an epidemic, one unlucky computer is the host and before its known a whole slew of his friends computers have been infected, and fallen victim to its destructive code. Until the recent invention of the internet, virus epidemics were rather small and unheard of, as they could only spread by means of floppy disk. Now days, email is a major gateway to viruses allowing them to spread half way across the world in a few seconds, infecting millions of computers, crashing thousands of networks and servers, and costing billions to repair. Evidently technology is greater than it was 15...