What is computerized accounting and the benefits and disadvantages of it?

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AbstractIn the modern society, there are more and more organizations consider using the computerized information system to help their work. This is because the system can not only increase the efficiency of a project or a particular work in process, but also the effectiveness. There are many companies now using the computerized system to maintain and even to create the competitive advantages. Certainly, there are some essential critical factors to help the companies adopt a computerized information system. This article emphasis on four factors which are top management support, the clear goal and objectives, the business process reengineering, project management and discuss comprehensively how the factors help to set up a successful computerized information system.

IntroductionWith the development of science and technology, the information system has changed a lot. When facing the today's challenge business environment, it is important that a reliable system to manage the business. As well as the computer science has been familiar to officers and widely used, the computerized information system becomes more and more popular nowadays; although there is some security problems need to be solved such as the "hacks", there are still more companies which considering about using the computerized information system with their daily business affairs.

Not only because the computerized information system is efficiency when process the data and the information but also it coordinate the data, technology and human resources well. Certainly there are some critical successful factors to implement the computerized information system, such as the clear goals and objectives, top management support, business process reengineering (BPR), project management, etc. obviously there are more critical successful factors when implement or adopt a computerized system, but in the following I will emphasis on the listed critical successful factors and explain in detail.

Critical successful factors for computerized information systemClear...