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Test Case Study-Project 1. Wrong data type: Problem - Through our testing phase of the database we found that we had setup the Inventory Transactions table wrong. The one of the fields that should have been a numerical field was setup as an alphabetical field.

Solution - The fix is to go into the database and go into the design view. Highlight the Inventory Transactions table, right click and go into properties. Once in properties in the design view, we changed the data type to numerical from alpha and the problem was fixed.

2. Improper field length: Problem - Another problem was found while entering data in the inventory transaction field. Alberto was trying to enter an ID number for a product and the field was to short by two digits. Each transaction ID number consist of a letter and four numbers. While he tried to enter the last two numbers it would not work.

Solution- The solution was to make the field 10 characters in case of expansion.

3. Unreasonable quantity: 4. Out-of-range entry-For example, allowing an order with a date of May 10, 1932.

5. Valid data-Data that is expected to succeed and work in the application.

6. Invalid data-Data that is expected to fail in the application.

7. Date entry for required fields-For example, ensuring that information must be in required fields such as a primary key