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Computers, Internet and Music As the technology of today grows and all subjects on the planet become more easily accessible and accomplishable, the music industry follows in parallel. Especially in the past five to eight year's computers have expanded their use and now play a major role in music. One could say that personal computers have started "The Digital Music Revolution"� which affects many aspects of the music industry. Many people believe that the industry is suffering financially because of the free access to music. They do not realize the benefits for businesses and customers alike. Another influence that computers and the Internet have had that is very often over looked is how it brings people together. And finally, computers help musicians tremendously in all aspects of the art, that without it a part of music would be missing and society wouldn't even know it. These reasons prove that computers have helped music go in a very positive direction in all aspects even contrary to some belief.

Since the involvement of computers in the creating and producing of music, the music industry has progressed in many different directions. Many people believe computers have started a revolution that is called the "The Digital Music Revolution"�. As the years pass by and technology grows and becomes much improved the effects of the changes in music are clear. There are now digital audio players that are used by many people instead of the old more popular methods. These digital audio players are just now becoming popular amongst ordinary people, and as time passes you can be sure to see them more often on the market as they are faster and their quality is much higher than 9 those more conventional audio players. For many people the word "jukeboxes"� seems outdated. What these people...