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Computers are a big part of today's society. Because computers are used a lot today, people that use them should know about the advantages and disadvantages computers have.

A computer equipped with antivirus software is a good thing to have. Computer viruses are dangerous. They can cause one's computer to crash, infect other computers, delete important files, and do a lot more damage. Antivirus software will protect one's computer is through e-mail.

A person can never know if the e-mail he receives is infected or not. In most cases, the virus will infect someone's computer as soon as the person opens the e-mail message. These viruses can't do anything to the computer that is equipped with antivirus software. However, the computer that doesn't have virus protection can be in danger.

Transferring files from one computer to another is another way of infecting the computer with viruses. A person who copies a file from someone else's computer does not know if that person's computer is clean from viruses or not.

Antivirus software comes in handy in this situation. It is made to detect the viruses, and then, once it has detected the virus, it prompts the user for action. When a virus is found, the antivirus software displays a message saying, " There is a file infected with a virus, it is recommended to clean the file." Then, the person has the option to click on the clean file button.

In some cases antivirus software cannot clean the file, and the best thing to do is just delete the entire file. If the antivirus software is unable to clean the file it will display the message saying, "The file could not be cleaned for your own safety we recommend you delete it." Then, the person usually clicks on the delete...