Computers and Information Processing

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The accuracy of data input is very important in determining the best method of data input that would provide the best choice in the following situations. Printed questionnaires are going to be input through computer terminals. These terminals are input devices that perform data input. A terminal is connected to a complete computer system, including a processor, memory, and secondary storage. The issue that comes up in the process of data input is the use of people to input the data. Mistakes can occur from the data processor inputting incorrect data.

Telephone surveys, like the questionnaires, are best input by data processors through terminals. The errors that can occur must be monitored and these data input personnel must be trained to correctly identify and input the data as required by the protocols.

Bank checks today are best input using a MICR data input system. The system reads the magnetic account information of the check.

The MICR data is placed on the bottom of a check or other form using a special magnetic ink. This system is very quick and generally error free.

Retail tags use a Point-of-Sale (POS) device. These devices are terminals used in retail operations to enter sales information into the computer system. The bar codes are scanned and compared to the information within the system to identify the item and its corresponding information such as price, size, etc.

Long documents can be input using a scanning device. A page or document scanner is like a copy machine that will scan the paper and input it into a file format that the computer can read. The scanners can also have software that is called OCR or optical character recognition. This software allows the words and characters to be identified and enables the user to make changes to them.