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The Executive Summary

As a member of team C, one of the problems that I have been faced with is an over abundance of work. It appears that my organization, John Hopkins Health System, and many other organizations are beginning to realize the importance of balancing the workload. Currently, there are other departments within the Johns Hopkins Health System that are looking to outsourcing as an alternative. The focus of this summary is to determine if outsourcing is the best option for my current workplace dilemma.

One of the purposes of outsourcing hospital needs is to keep expenses down.

Many hospitals have found that they can save hundreds of thousands of dollars a year by laying-off their employees and outsourcing work throughout different parts of the world.

In today's demanding hospital organizations, it is hard to find qualified employees. There are always emergencies and deadlines and it is hard to keep up with the complex tasks.

Companies that provide outsource alternatives provide the hospitals with round the clock service with employees in different time zones; this allows prompt assistance.

Many different people are affected and involved when outsourcing work and especially when it relates to the medical field. When considering outsourcing, you need to consider how it will affect the hospital as an entity as well as that particular department as part of the whole. How will outsourcing affect the personal of that particular department? Will management be able to effectively control they production of their department? Will the employees and other staff members of that department still are able to do their jobs efficiently and effectively? Could outsourcing affect employee moral or loyalty? How will outsourcing affect the patient (or consumer)? Will the patient still be able to receive quick and quality care? Could anyone's safety or privacy be...