Computers - Do we Live in the Cyber Reality?

Essay by fond_of_theuk February 2007

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Before actually trying to answer this question whether we do live in such a reality or not, let me just present a few facts and some brief information regarding computers and all of the things associated with them.

As we all know, the term "computer" refers to an electronic device that can receive a set of instructions and then carry them out by performing various calculations on the data, comparing it etc.

As far as the history of computers is concerned, it all started in the late 40s. This is the peroid in which the very very first computers started to occur. Obviously they weren't too sophisticated because the most complicated task they could perform was a bit similiar to what our modern calculators can do now. What's more this archaic, pre-computer equipment needed two or three rooms even of storage to be installed properly. Nevertheless, as time went by the computers got smaller, much more faster and smarterr and eventualy have become the ones we're using nowadays which are most commonly PCs and laptops.

As it comes to the reality of our modern world, full of conveniences - one thing is for sure. If it hadn't been for the computers, the process of inventing them in particular, this world of high technology would not now exist now and most probably would be a totally different one.

Now, coming back to the question stated in the subject, let's take a look at what we are surrounded by. It's hard to imagine our reality without computers instantly improving our lives in many areas such as education, entertainment and work.

Inventing the internet is regarded as a real breakthrough in terms of computerization.

Of course it took some time for the internet to become what it is today as it was a...