Computers in everyday life. Discuss.

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Discuss how we use computers in our everyday lives.

Most areas of modern society take advantage of computing power. Computerisation is everywhere although the majority of it goes unnoticed or taken for granted. In today's world we encounter computers more than once on a daily basis. The moment the alarm clock rings in the morning computerised microchips are being used. It's these same microchips that are responsible when we're stuck at traffic lights. Even the different cycles on the washing machine are pre-programmed onto these microchips. Another computerised system that we undervalue is our oil heating system. Here our heating is controlled thermostatically. When the room reaches the desired temperature the heating automatically switches off. Then when the room cools to a specific temperature it switches back on again. This everyday convenience is controlled explicitly by computers.

Computers are advantageous because they can handle and manipulate vast quantities of data extremely quickly without error.

They make manual tasks which are repetitive and laborious quick and easy. Computers are relatively cheap in comparison to employee wages and they are available and twenty-four hours a day.

Processes that are achieved almost instantly today would have taken greater resources, in terms of manpower and time, in previous years. Almost every letter or bill received is word processed using a standardised default letter. This enables companies to bill customers or inform them of changes quickly and easily when compared to the previous manual task of typing each personalised letter.

All bills when received must be paid and even how we pay them is computerised. Customers have the option to pay over the phone with a credit or debit card. Most companies have dedicated computerised phone lines for this purpose. Customers can phone up and key in their account number and wait for an advisor...