Computers In Society

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COMPUTERS IN TODAY'S BUSINESS WORLD In today's modern, busy world, there are many responsibilities that people must take on, in everyday life, in order to fulfill the dream of becoming successful. This stands to be very true more so for individuals who are pursuing a career in the business field than any other occupation out in the work force because they always have to be kept up to date and alert about any change made, for that it may affect them in the long run.

In being such a competitive area, many have attempted to invent products to make work much easier and uncomplicated. Well, after years of aggrivation and hard work, with working nine to five shifts, five days a week, a person can now be practically anywhere and still perform the same duties as if he or she were in the office. This is all possible with the presence of new technologies, and when combined all together, make up what is called the virtual office.

Although there are many different factors that contribute to this reality, the computer is basically the central base of control. With the invention of the laptop computer a person can communicate with others through various techniques including telecommunications switches, telephones lines, routers, and remote client software. These systems enable us to send messages, receive messages, carry documents without the mess, or even negotiate over deals with somebody overseas. You could be at home, in a car, at a hotel, out on the sidewalk, or even on a mountain-top, the virtual office eliminates time and distance barriers and remote access technologies connect employees to the corporate network [1, p.6].

Computers not only improved businesses through communication levels, but they've also helped with military services, financial aspects and production levels also, and have been doing...