How Computers are Used by Philippine Society and What It Implies for Further Advancement in Lifestyle

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I. Definition of Terms

Before anything else, we should first define some words we might encounter that we haven't really understood its full meaning. So to start of, what really is a computer? The contemporary definition of the computer is that it is an electronic device that receives, stores, manipulates, and communicates information . For those who are "out of this world" and can't comprehend the meaning, you could think of the computer as another tool. A tool like a pen, an arrow, a hammer, a knife and alike but the computer is a tool with a difference. Most tools require guidance and direction when using it, the computer, on the other hand, is self-directed. You don't have to tell the computer what to do very specifically because if you did, it will blow your mind. In other words, it is programmable, which means it can store a complex set of directions and execute them without human interventions.

When we say computers, we are talking about the computers used at home and in the office. The computers I am talking about are the computers that need a keyboard, a monitor, a mouse and so many small things inside the "box like figure".

Next thing to define is the Internet. It is defined as a global network connecting millions of computers. So the phrase "I got "it" from the internet" means the person logged in ( by a service provider) the internet, accessed a specified address where the person got the "it". The Internet is not synonymous with the World Wide Web (WWW). WWW is a system of Internet servers that support specially formatted documents. So in layman's terms, when you are in the Internet, you are just connect to millions of computers also called servers and hosts. But this doesn't...