Computers VS Tablet Pcs

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Tablet PC's Dominate Traditional Notebook

Computers are changing the way of the future in every perspective. They can be a big help to our education, our business, and our home-based projects. There are a variety of computers out on the market today. You can buy a desktop computer, which is just a normal home computer, or you can buy a notebook, which is a portable, miniature version of a desktop that can fit on your lap. A notebook is the term used for these portable computers, but they are also called Laptops. Now you can buy a tablet PC, which is a computer shaped in the form of a notebook or a slate with the capabilities of being written on through the use of digitizing tablet technology or a touch screen. Tablet PC's are changing the way of notebook computers by being easier for students for note taking and easier to manage tasks throughout the day better than an ordinary notebook computer.

Notebook computers have been on the market for a while now. I currently use a notebook computer, but I am saving the money for a convertible tablet PC. I bought my notebook computer after I graduated in 2005 for about $1500. That is a good bit to spend, but computers these days cost that much if you want a fast one. It is a Gateway with some upgraded hardware parts. My notebook is not out of date yet, but I give it 2 years until my laptop is obsolete. Notebooks weigh around an average of 8 pounds, a pretty heavy thing to walk around with. In addition, you have extra CD drives and extra accessories to worry about taking with you too. These computers can pack a lot of power into them, but can only hold a charge...