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(306)373-0838 OBJECTIVE To gain work experience that will help me for future success.

Something to keep me motivated and disciplined through my final year of high school.

EDUCATION I am currently attending my final year of high school at Walter Murray Collegiate.St.frances was my elementry school. I have my food safe certificate,enjoy working with computers and am willing to be trained in any way.

WORK EXPERIENCE SNACK CO Stocking shelves,deliveries,shipping and receiving and clean up.

CUMBERLAND SALVATION ARMY Volenteer work.Cleaning,sorting clothes.

NINETIMES BOARDING Shop help.Cutting grip tape.Volenteer.

INTERESTS I am currently sponsored for skateboarding by Ninetimes skateboard shop. I also enjoy graphics and am into web design. My website is School is my main priority right now although i am looking for a challenging and high paced job. I am self motivated, creative and have good people skills.

REFERENCE LIST Corey Neufeld.(NINETIMES BOARDING) 477-4663 Mike Villness(P.a FINE FOODS) 374-8112 Maria Cambell (Award winning author)664-6571 Hollis Martin (Gymnastics Coach) 374-9517