Con's for snowmobiling in BLM Lands.

Essay by damassterA, November 2003

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Snowmobiles in national parks should be banned. It is a cold winter morning and motorists wait in traffic while their sputtering engines are coughing a gray haze. The Carbon Monoxide threatens the health of the employees and the animals around. This alone seems like it is reason enough for snowmobiling to be banned. However, there are many different reasons for the banning of snowmobiling in national parks. In the last season there were 60,000 snowmobiles that entered in just one of the many national parks. Most of them dump about 30% of their fuel in the form of pollutants. The extreme high levels of snowmobile use in Yellow Stone national park created such a great amount of air pollution at park gates that the staff had to pump fresh air into gate booths. Not even including evidence that the machines damage water and air quality, sounds capes and wild life, their use has been so largely unmonitored.

The snowmobiles facilitate the migration of bison out of the park. That made it easier for the lynx to kill the Bison. one of the many impacts caused by snowmobiles on wildlife is that they cause embarrassment and harassment to deer and elk. The snowmobiles make a tremendous amount of noise which disturbs the peace of the animals and the people trying to relax. The animals become stressed due do the frantic noise and move to another part of the forest. They use up the fat stored to survive the winter and do not have enough energy to survive the winter. One might ask how tourists would get to see all around the park without a snowmobile. The solution is quite simple. Snow coaches are better for the environment and create less noise. NPCA promotes the slowcoaches for they promote three essential things.