The Concealing and Revealing of Auschwitz Birkenau

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It was Professor Gupta, my history professor in the 7th Standard, who first introduced me to the horrors of the Holocaust. She talked about the sufferings of the Jews, the mass extermination of people in gas chambers and the atrocities ordered by Adolf Hitler. So overwhelmed by the brief chapter she read to us, I approached Miss Gupta and asked her if I could meet one of the survivors of the Holocaust. She said that wasn't a possibility studying at a high school in India. But she gave me a few references where she said I could research about the people who lived there.

Since that day I have felt drawn to this topic; extremely interested in reading, researching and knowing everything about the holocaust. With each reference site I visited, I learned more about the Nazi regime with Hitler as its godfather. Being only a 7th grader, I did not understand everything or even know exactly if the research I was performing was from legitimate sources.

I went back to Miss Gupta to ask her if she would help me understand, in person, more about this intriguing topic. She said, and I still recall, "You are too young, and I really cannot permit you to get too involved in such a devastating situation."

Five years later, I have grown: physically, mentally, and emotionally. Through my research, I have learned of the horrors the victims of the Holocaust experienced. The great tragedy they not only experienced, but also managed to overcome. It is something great that can tie together the entire world, unite us into one community. The story of the Holocaust must be shared, so others may learn and grow. And now, I am ready to understand, to learn, and to help reveal to others like...