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A gay guy Bono, aged 26 living with his lover Brendan, figures out that he is more attracted to woman than he was before and wants to explore a heterosexual lifestyle. He is so scared that Brendan will disown him along with the gay community, which is his comfort zone. At work he is begging to fall in love with his secretary Nikita.

Bono stands making coffee in a despondent way while Brendan finishes reading the morning paper and drinks the last of his orange juice. Brendan stands up, goes to kiss Bono on the cheek and tells him that he'll see him later. Bono stands staring in disbelief and tells Bono that there might be someone else he likes. Brendan looks at Bono sternly as is too angry to argue about it and tell him that they can talk over lunch. Bono sitting in his cubicle and playing solitaire; is visited by Tony, another employee at work and start talking.

Tony is leaning against the cubicle with a naughty smile and pokes Bono. Bono's secretary leans over and drops off some papers and they smile.

Bono goes to lunch with Tony and have a serious conversation where he informs Tony that he's having an affair with someone at work and nobody should know about it. Tony gets upset and walks out on Bono, leaving him to pay for the whole bill.