Concept of an Airbag

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Concept of an Airbag

Screech …..Bang! Crash! Two cars smashed. Sheet metal cries out in anguish, as if to say why'd you do that? Glass shatters in your face, like a million bee stings! If you ever wreck your car going 30 mph into another car or another object like a tree, you'll be thankful that the airbag deployed. History shows controversy rages with the usage of airbags. Research has shown the positive effects that they have on saving lives. An airbag is a safety device assembled in a motor vehicle. It consists of a bag designed to inflate quickly with air, when a vehicle crashes. The airbag keeps your head from hitting the dash or steering wheel and protects the passengers from being flung into the interior structure of the vehicle. Some people have been saved by them. Other people have never seen airbags deployed in their car. Either way, the airbag has been a national controversy for decades.

It is a protective device, but in some cases it has been harmful, and even deadly. Joe Tuha body shop Manager at Sunset Ford has worked in the body shop for 25 years, said "I have witnessed where airbags have saved many lives". Keith Combs (writer for The Body Shop Business, Manager for Bill Roberts Chevrolet) says, "Fact is airbags do save lives, I'm reminded of it regularly.

The conception of the airbag, came from a German engineer named Walter Linderer who worked first on a design for an airbag in 1951, that later was patented on November 12, 1953. His design was based on compressed air. However, three months earlier, John Hetrick, got a patent on his airbag issued on August 18, 1953. Hetrick beat Linerer to the punch, even though he started a year later on his design...