Concept of the Automobile

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The invention of the automobile has been one of the greatest achievements of the 20th century. To mankind, it has been a definitive icon of independence and personal freedom. But with the birth of the automobile now comes the beginning of the concept vehicle.

The invention started with the Tin Lizzies in the 1900's. Vehicles in the early days were produced to look the same. These vehicles looked like a box on wheels, similar to a horseless carriage. They were started with hand cranks that could turn into a weapon if the vehicle were to backfire. Kerosene used to light the headlamps was foul smelling, and the tires were made of pure rubber, which didn't cushion the bumps. In those days however, it was only the wealthy that could afford to own a vehicle.

At that time, there was not much competition in the design and economical value of the car.

As time passed, necessity dictated that these vehicles be updated. Engineers began to look towards the future and were required to enhance the design of the cars, as well as their safety. It is one of the major transportation sources for people as well as manufactured goods. But is that all there is?

It has also been an ever-changing symbol in history. For many years man had tried to widen the resources for a faster, sleeker and cost-effective vehicle. It progressed into cars with smooth lines and large fenders.

Then there was the gas crisis in 1977. At this point in time, the automobile manufacturers were forced to design a car that was more fuel efficient and economical. This also was a time when the Japanese automakers started to import their cars into the United States. With the introduction of the Japanese automakers, the United States would have...