The Concept of Identity as a Product of Language. Social Theory paper, includes references to Marx, Habermas, Freud, Saussure, Lacan.

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The Concept of Identity as a Product of Language

Identity is a vast idea that is composed of many facets. To some, identity is something caused by biological processes in growing older. To others, it is produced by the social environment of the individual. This second idea is what we are going to explore in this paper.

The theme of identity consumes many social theorists and authors of social papers. This identity is due, or perhaps caused, by many interacting processes of society. These processes vary from author to author, but there are key points that one can use to link these thoughts together. Language is among the most common and links nearly every individual, from the past to today.

Many other theorists believe that identity is based on guidelines set up by our developing selves. Sigmund Freud believed that an adult is created by the sum memories of a child, and the social circumstances in his or her past.

These memories are caused by interactions with others, mostly via spoken word or written word.

Freud's theory involved three parts, or characteristics, of human identity. The 'Id' is the oldest part, containing all the innate characteristics of the individual. The second part, the 'Ego', is something quite different.

"Under the influence of the real external world around us, one portion of the id has undergone a special development. From what was originally a cortical layer, equipped with the organs for receiving stimuli and with arrangements for acting as a protective shield against stimuli, a special organization has arisen which henceforward acts as an intermediary between the id and the external world. To this region of our mind we have given the name of ego." (Freud, 127).

The third and final part, the 'Super Ego,' is a mediator between the id...