Concept - Personality (describe personality psychologically)

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Shantavia Beverly Concept - Personality

To me personality is very important because it defines the person you are. An individuals characteristic plays a big role when it comes to understanding one another. Of course over time we change and run our lives differently but your personality will never lose its significance. While studying about Freud and the Psychodynamic Theory, I have learned that ID, Ego and Superego make huge contributions in our lives. Ego is really a big thing for me because it allows me to think in-depth about the decisions I will make in the near future.

Growing up I wasn't as outgoing as most of the kids around me were, I knew that I wanted to be because it seemed as though the outgoing kids were almost always popular or well-known. This caused me to think of an alternative to become "known". I would not say that I was a bad child, I just made bad decisions that led to punishment and further consequences. I knew right from wrong but the pleasure from doing wrong and not getting caught caused me to continue with these actions. Something in my mind finally clicked and then I knew that wasn't the life I wanted to live, in plus it was pretty embarrassing for family members to be informed about my transgression. Today I would define myself as very kind-hearted, ambitious and stubborn. I tend to do more for others than myself and I tend to have a short temper, but these characteristics only make me human and a better person each and every day. I have to realize that everyone is their own person and that no one is an exact carbon copy of someone else.

Born and raised in a city facing many obstacles with little opportunities for...