The concept of the veil in islamic countries and how it may be discriminated in some other forgein countries

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In the past twenty to thirty years Hijab or the veil has been widely recognized as a symbol of the Muslim woman. Ahmed said in his book: "The Hijab or the veil presents us with some useful sociological insights into Muslim society"(160). Some may think that it is just a tradition or a culture forced upon the girl by her country or home. Others may think it was just a fashion that Middle Eastern girls have to become distinguished from any other girls in the rest of the world. Ahmed mentioned in his book saying that, "The Hijab from the 1980s onwards has become a fashionable and recognizable symbol of Muslim identity among young girls. It must be emphasized that it is not worn out of fear or pressure from the home" (161). However, this is not true at all, Muslim girls wear the veil or the Hijab for totally different reasons.

Most of these girls wear it in fear of God and home influences as well. The veil was never an obstacle for the girl wearing it to find jobs, receive education, make people treat her in an unfair way. However, there are lots of reasons behind the Islamic religion legalizing the veil and why a girl should be veiled.

A reason behind this legalization is to prevent the woman to be looked at as a sexual object, which is the image of a woman in most men's minds. A veiled woman would be covering all her body except her hands and face and that would obviously prevent most men to look at her when she is walking down in the street. If the veiled woman is walking late at night it would be rare to find a man thinking of her badly. If a woman nowadays is walking...