The Conceptual Frame Work- Brett Whiteley 'Self Portrait in the studio'

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The symbols:He has used a variety of line, round and curvy in some areas but straight in others. I think he has done this to make the place seem more realistic because if he had just used straight or curvy lines then it wouldn't seem realistic. In the painting there are 9 or more nudes, some on the rug, the sculptures, and the person on the bed, the sketches and a few more. This might show that this is one of the main topics he paints. The sculpture in the picture symbolises that Brett didn't just do paintings but also drew sketches, as shown in the painting from the sketch book leaning on the chair, and sculptures from the 2 sculptures in the painting. In the artwork the colours used are bright, vibrant colours like dark blue, yellow, red, white and yellow. The dark blue and the yellow might symbolise the beach-blue for water and yellow for sand.

The yellow could also stand for happiness. The red could mean love or romance and because there is a female figure on the bed maybe it is directed at her. In this case the white is representing the light coming from the roof light. It is also used for the sketch books paper, the scrolls on the wall and the paper he is painting on. The hanging scrolls are painted on the back wall. There is a contrast between the white scrolls and the blue wall. This make the scrolls stand out more. The scrolls are a symbol of Japanese and Chinese art. The windows in the painting overlook Sydney harbour and we know this because Sydney Harbour Bridge is noticeable. If he hadn't used the harbour bridge then we wouldn't have know where he was painting or that he was painting...