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The purpose of a mission statement for an organization is to promote the intentions of the business by expressing the goals of the organization in relation to the product or service being offered, the target customer, and the definitive aspects of the business that differentiates them from their competitors. This statement should be simply stated so that employees and customers can remember and restate. The vision statement of an organization defines the company's aspirations for the business for future growth and is the future forecast of the company providing employees and customers the expectations that the company is striving to fulfill. Along with the mission and vision statements, a set of rules referred to as the guiding principles expresses the high level of awareness and ethical business practices and policies of the company in relation to employee, customer and society. Adhering to this set of rules will help in promoting the desired growth of the business in maintaining a high level of excellence.

Rooms of Taste Tea House has established the mission and vision statements as well as the guiding principles of the organization in order to direct the strategic plan of the business.

Mission StatementRooms of Taste Tea House is a small family-owned business which is operated by a mother and daughter partnership employing a small staff of 7 employees. The business is located in a small shopping district of a historic town in southeast Texas whose target customers are mainly female in gender. The tea house offers a select menu based on 5 dining rooms which vary according to the changing themes of each room and is only opened for lunch. Each room can accommodate 16 people based on 4 tables of 4, 2 tables of 8, or one table of 16. As an example, one...