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University of PhoenixJuly 18, 2009MKT/421IntroductionThe mold that holds companies together are the Mission and Vision Statement is the mission and vision statements define who a company is and what the company is about. The vision statement defines the company's motivation the vision statement illustrates what the company plans to become and provides strategic decision methods. Companies must live by standards and codes in order to successful operate their business. This paper will provide an explanation of the importance of Husch Bridal's vision, mission and values that determine the strategic direction of Husch BridalDefining the Business and MissionThe business world is complex and high evolved thanks to technological advances business can be ran online, at a business place and even at home. As an entrepreneur technological advances have evolved an idea to start a Bridal Consulting business. Husch Bridal's mission is to provide be the leader in the Bridal Industry, providing brides with superior service and a wedding day to remember for years to come.

Husch Bridal prides itself on being a distinct asset for brides and grooms to be by providing excellent wedding service. Husch Bridal allows brides to spend more quality time with their fiancés to enjoy their engagement. Husch Bridal will plan weddings at the sole discretion of the bride by guaranteeing that the wedding will be a complete success by recommend the highest quality of vendors based on the brides budget resulting in an incredible wedding experience! In addition to helping a brides wedding dreams come true and perhaps saving the bride from costly mistakes a Husch Bridal consultant will save you time; by handling all those details, leaving bride the freedom to relax knowing that on their wedding day, Husch Bridal consultants will work behind the scenes to make an incredible wedding experience.

Defining the VisionThe...