Concert: The Baltimore Consort, February 11,2003 Type of Concert: Celtic Band

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General Reaction: When arriving to the concert one might feel that the event that would be played in a very solemn and maybe in an uptight manor. In all actuality it was the exact opposite. The event was very open and free. It was amazing how many different vibes were being put out. Everyone was truly going to be finding a piece of him or herself with the music. When the music began the spirits of everyone was lifted to a lighter level. The seating arrangement of the musicians, I believe, really helped because being in a circular position it allowed the feeling of a home atmosphere or something that was very inviting to everyone. After the first string was played the musicians' being so involved and caught up in the moment that for an instant it brought the music alive. The order that the pieces were being played helped also in s sense because it was in an order from being fast, to moderate, to slow, and a little depressing.

The order that the pieces were being played gave emotions a large level to rise. Although each song has a differential tone or mood whether fast or slow it allowed the audience to feel. By the time the first few songs were played the hearts of many beings in the audience were gone. The music gave me a better sense of being and of who I am.

Composition(s) I liked best:Although I enjoyed the whole performance there are two pieces that stick in my memory very vividly. One is ADUE, O DESIE OF DELYT and the other is IN A GARDEN SO GREEN. These pieces are totally different and that is what I love about them the most. Each hit a different tones, melodies, and emotions. IN the piece...