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Ramirez, Matthew

J. Takiguchi

Music 105

Concert Review #2

Mac Miller Concert

Last December, I had the ability to go see Mac Miller At The House Of Blues in Los Angeles .The House Of Blues held around 1200 people from different demographic backgrounds, all excited to see Mac Attack perform. The vibe was set right, music combined with energy that can only be compared to music. After waiting two or so hours, I was finally let into the establishment to see a unique set up. Mac decided to enlist the help of The Internet to help perform his album. Now, I'm not a big fan of The Internet…but their presentation and unique ability to capture the vibe of the album through the concert is impeccable. However, Mac's performance had me stunned. Mac was able to play the melodies of the song on a keyboard without The Internet's help and had the crowd chanting .I

could not discourage this man's talent and growth in musical instrumentation. Mac's set first began with an old record from his platinum records (aka the songs everyone in the world knows) called "Best Day Ever." Everyone knew each individual word and was reacting with Mac with such precision it'd be impossible to turn that talent down. His performance was uninspired, as he was forgetting his lyrics due to excessive drinking and whatnot. Nonetheless the crowd reacted. Plus it was free…who could complain? After a quick break, Mac Miller came back with Earl Sweatshirt and the rest of the Odd Future gang. He performed a lot of other people's records to enthuse the crowd…and it worked. The crowd went wild as Earl Sweatshirt performed the record he had with Mac. Being that this is the first time I have ever seen Earl perform, his performance was completely...