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The chapter "˜"˜Ghosts of the Pawtucketville'' night by Jack Kerouac, deals with the birth of the novel's main character Jack Duluo. It seems as if almost everything in "˜"˜Dr. Sax'' is about the author himself. Jack Kerouac came from French-Canadian family and spoke the Canadian French dialect which is the reason that in this chapter there is French dialect that is being used. It deals with the introduction of "˜"˜Dr. Sax'' which is the character that is the main protagonist. His introduction is at beginning of the chapter and is introduced in the following way; "˜"˜Doctor Sax I first saw in his earlier lineaments in the early Catholic childhood of Centralville "” deaths, funerals, the shroud of that, the dark figure in the corner when you look at the dead man coffin in the dolorous parlor of the open house with a horrible purple wreath on the door (Kerouac, p.

4). ''The American way is very present is his writing since there is many example showing the American everyday life style. Here are some examples; The boys play baseball and football (meaning naturally American football, not soccer), the fourth of July is celebrated.

There are those American words, such as sidewalk, parlor (not parlour, as in Britain), and candy (not sweets, as in Britain. Examples of these words that are in the text: "˜"˜Between this tenement and the wrinkly tar corner were several establishments of minor interest to me because not on the side of my habitual childhood candy store later becoming my tobacco store . . . (Kerouac, p. 13). ''