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When Owen became the voice, it can be implied that Owen had gained control over the academy. However, Owen couldn't just take control by himself. Owen needed the rest of the school, to follow his ideals. He gained recognition by writing his article on "Mystery Meat" (Irving, 288). In a sense, Owen turned them into mindless slaves that only listen to him. Owen manages to get the support he needs, and in turn Owen starts to change the school indirectly. The students were so drawn into him, that "The voice was [their] voice" (Irving, 290). As their voice, Owen had absolute control over the students. Owen had a column in the school newspaper, and he was not afraid to write whatever he desires on it. Nobody had the power to oppose Owen, due to the fact that he had information on all of them. Even the basketball team listened to him, "Where do you want it?" (Irving, 389) They did not question Owen's orders, they simply carried them out.

After all, Owen could simply write an article on the basketball players' secrets, and their life at Gravesend would instantly become ruined.

To obtain what he wanted, Owen used the people around him. Owen changed the Christmas pageant, from Barb Wiggins play, indirectly to his play. Moreover, Owen used Mr. Morrison's dilemma to get himself the role of a major character in Dan's Christmas Carol play. After Owen attended Gravesend Academy, he uses the voice to control the students of the school, to make them side with him. From these points, one can conclude that, Owen is manipulative.