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Table of ContentsIntroduction 3Stakeholders Analysis 5Reasons behind the slippage of forecast 8Reasons for Budget escalation 9Good Project Management Methodology 10Concepts of Failure and Success 13Concorde Success or Failure??? 15References 16 INTRODUCTIONTHE SUPERSONIC CONCORDEIn Nov. 1956, a Supersonic Transport Aircraft Committee (STAC) was established comprising of representatives of engine manufacturers, Britain's aircraft, Royal Aircraft Establishment and government officials to study the possibility of producing a supersonic airliner. In March 1959, STAC came up with design studies for 2 supersonic airliners which can fly at a speed of Mach 1.2 and Mach2.0. To get financial and technical help, the British aircraft industry realize the need of partner. Their first choice was the US who was having strong aircraft industry. But US government and aircraft industry was already engaged in planning of making supersonic aircraft using titanium alloy for the skin and which would fly at Mach 3.0. While British were planning of making supersonic aircraft using conventional aluminium alloy for the skin.

During this day French government was also looking for improving its aircraft industry. In July 1961 first discussion took place between Sud Aviation (France) and the British Aircraft Corporation for building supersonic aircraft. On 29th Nov. 1962 British and France signed a treaty to collaborate for building a supersonic aircraft. The treaty stated that the both countries will make equal contribution for the cost and work to be carried out for the project and will share equally from the shares. Four companies were responsible for building this aircraft. The British Aircraft Corporation (BAC) and Aerospatiale were responsible for building the airframe and Rolls-Royce and SNECMA was responsible for building the Olympus 593 jet engines. By May 1967, 16 Airlines opted for sales of 74 Concorde aircrafts.

On 11th December 1967, the first prototype Concorde 001 was rolled out in Toulouse. Thousand...