Confectionary: Cereal Bars.

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Confectionary and count line market is a huge one with many different types of products and companies in it, these rang from crisps, cakes and chocolate bars to cereal bars and traditional sweets Chocolate bars are the product with the highest market share and possibly the hardest sub-market o break into due to such established competitors and the market being so saturated with so many products. The same could be said of crisps and sweets. The cereal bar market seems the best choice for a new product to be launched.

Confectionary Market.

Confectionary is one of the key sectors of the snack foods market, with the increased demand for 'food on the go' that can be consumed at any time of day, new alternative snacks are emerging on the market such as cereal snacks, meat snacks, dairy snacks and fruit snacks.

In the past five years the confectionary market has seen growth of around 21% and a compound annual growth rate of 4% in the 1996-2001 periods.

The European market is the world's largest, accounting for 42% of revenues for confectionary worldwide. The region overtook the Americas as the leading segment in 1998.

Chocolate sector comprises of a variety of products including: countlines, boxed chocolates, blocks and moulded chocolates, bite-size chocolate items, novelty/seasonal products.

From looking at a chart it can be observed that the countlines sector accounts for the most sales, where as the bite-size sector accounts for the lowest with 9.1%.

Sugar confectionary sector more diverse that the chocolate sector. It includes a wide range of sweets and brands. The sweets market is commonly divided into two main groups, the first consisting of fruit sweets and the second mints. Chewing gum, traditional sweets, medicated confectionary and other sugar confectionary are also included in this sector.

The chart...