The Conferences of the Big Three

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The Yalta conference that took place on February 4-11, 1945 in Crimea, Ukraine was held by the major powers, also called 'The Big Three'. The conference was held in Crimea, because after the Teheran Conference Stalin refused to go further than Yalta, even though he was concerned about Roosevelt's health. These were the USSR represented by Stalin, the Great Britain represented by Winston Churchill and the USA represented by Roosevelt. The powers that were not included were France and China; however they were consulted afterwards about everything that was discussed during the conference

The Yalta conference was supposed to conclude the effects of the Second World War and the powers were supposed to look at the efforts made by each country and find the solutions for the losers. It seems that the USSR should have the highest gains(or repays) as they were fighting Germany for long time in the USSR, with no help even though it was supposed to be provided.

These were the conditions by which the Stalin agreed to work with USA and join their pact with Great Britain. However, this did not happen. The USA only started to help the USSR when Germany was almost defeated. They also had to fight on their own land, which was not the case for their allies. Stalin's main objective was to get economic help, as nearly a quarter of USSR's property was destroyed.

The Agenda

Each of the leaders had an agenda with them and expressed their thoughts. . Roosevelt was nagging for Soviet support in the Pacific War concerning the invasion of the Empire of Japan; Churchill was pressing for free elections and democratic institutions in Eastern Europe, specifically Poland while Stalin was attempting to establish a Soviet sphere of influence in Eastern Europe which was essential to Soviet...