Conflict and Conflict Resolution

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When working in teams conflict should be expected and inescapable. Some people view conflict as negative, when actually conflict is an expected result of people working together. The major advantages of conflict are increasing the team’s productivity, allowing organizational change for the better, increasing self-awareness and improving morale. The major disadvantages of conflict are time consuming, it leaves team members angry and resentful, and the problem may never be solved. Understanding the causes of conflict, the types of conflict, having the ability to take preventative measures before conflict arises and being able to implement conflict resolution strategies are essential tools when dealing with conflict that arises among teams.

Causes of ConflictConflict can arise from many sources within a team, but to sum it all up it arises from differences. Members of a team may not get along with each other or may not agree with one another in specific situations.

Some of the reasons that conflict arises in teams are attitudes, expectations, perceptions, personalities, and resources.

AttitudesThe attitudes of team members may not be the same on different issues that may arise. These different attitudes can cause the goals of one team member to be different from the goals of another team member.

ExpectationsSome team members may have different expectations as to what they want the outcome of the project to be. A team member may have lower expectation than other team members. If their expectations are not met, conflict may arise.

PerceptionCertain team members may have a different perception of a situation or problem. A team member’s perceptions may be totally different from another team member’s. There may be different interpretations of the problem, even though they are on the same team.

PersonalitiesSome team members may dislike each other simply because they don’t have the same personality type or...