Conflict and Social Order Theory

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Social OrderAccording to the social order model, society is given a set of rules to regulate people behaviors and prevent anomie or "normlessness." Society serves the interests of all sharing, a strong set of norms and values, though not being able to adhere to these cause people to feel out of place. Most people accept this hierarchy as long as they see the system is fair. However, it is not fair, and this in turn becomes visible when it comes to occupations. Young people do not apply to specific jobs because they assume their qualifications are not well-built enough to obtain certain positions and therefore are exploited and oppressed in the workforce.

Conflict TheoryThe conflict models expresses that people are constantly competing and fighting for power and wealth. This leads to a division between different groups of people, causing inequality in power relations. This then leads to one group becoming dominant and all controlling while the other is inferior.

Most people who want to escape this inequality and find a good job. However, good jobs that a common person is suitable for is rare. When individuals try to achieve culturally defined goals and fail to, it's because they have not been provided with the means to attain these goals. Young people, the subordinate group, may not apply for certain jobs because they feel they have no been provided with the means to acquire them. Society sets out common goals for all, but in reality many people are blocked from achieving them. If they people do not try to break these boundaries and challenge social order, society with not progress and people will remain at the bottom.

October 01, 2007After watching Professor Langan and Cheryl act out a qualitative interview between a homeless women and a social researcher I came up...