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In the oxford dictionary conflict is defined as "˜A serious disagreement; argument; controversy; a long bitter conflict between employers and workers'.

In my opinion conflict free organisation is neither attainable nor desirable and throughout this essay I will try to support my answer using various evidence such as journal articles and book chapters.

The majority of the time the term conflict is received negatively. A persons first and most naturel reaction is to avoid conflict and sometimes even don't acknowledge it exists.

Yet various studies carried out by researchers shows that conflict could have positive effects, not just for the organistion itself but also for the groups performance.

If the conflict, which exists, is constructive then it can in fact improve an organisation in several ways. Most people however don't see the beneficial effects because the focus is on the negative aspects.

There have been various researchers, which have studied and found a great amount of evidence supporting this.

Thomas (1992) argued that conflict might have varied effects on an organisation. He concluded that depending on the type of conflict existing i.e. constructive or critical, it could either increase or decrease the likelihood of an achievement of a goal. But his evidence suggested that if conflict existing was stimulating then it could refine the functioning of a group and their performance.

In 1994 Putnam carried out research on conflict in organisations and analysed teacher-board negotiations. After the research Putnam concluded that direct confrontation via various ideas, suggestions and negotiations increased and can promote communication and results in a wider acceptance of decisions. In this way the majority of people agreed with an idea rather than them settling for an idea.

Walter, Cuucher-gershenfeld and Mckensie once again carried out another research on conflict in 1994. Their research studied the positive and...