Conflict of Interest Policy

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Nowadays the conflicts of interests involve not only companies and non-profit organizations, but universities and colleges as well. Therefore, it is interest to discuss conflicts of interests and resolution strategies within University of Colorado. Firstly, it is necessary to note that the term "conflict of interest" refers to situations when personal considerations have adverse effect on professional judgments of employees. It means that conflict of interest may prevent and affect any fulfilling of duties and responsibilities in research, administration, management and instruction processes. Apparently, conflicts of interest negative affect the working process of Colorado University, because as they may worsen education of students, hiring professional staff as well as procurement of materials and administrative tasks. It is admitted that all these issues have to free from influence of outside interests.

It goes without saying that emerging of a conflict is a potentially dangerous event as it provides distortion of goals, processes and outcomes.

Therefore, apparent conflicts of interests should be disclosed and evaluated in order to find proper ways of resolution. Actually, at the University of Colorado potential conflicts of interests may involve the following: editorial responsibilities, honoraria for conference papers and works, textbooks authorship, participation on review panels, performance of specified duties, service on committees of organizations situated outside the University. Therefore, it is possible to draw conclusions that the University of Colorado is exposed to a diversity of conflicts. It means that it requires efficient conflict resolution strategies and programs.

It is known that the University of Colorado encourages and provides support among faculties and employees as well as stimulates interactions with local and federal authorities, businesses and industries, etc. Therefore, high levels of professional interactions involve potentially damaging conflicts of interests being able to affect University commitment. University resolution strategies aim at managing conflicts adequately without...