Conflict in Iraq.

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The conflict I chose was the Iraqi war. I read many articles and heard many opinions from people. They have varied from people that think we should be in the war, people that think we shouldn't be in the war, and people that aren't sure on what they think. Me my self-think we should be in this war 100%. And I have plenty of reasons to back this opinion up.

Was Iraq already on the verge of becoming a Third World Country? Some people think so and some people don't. Really the only reason they weren't was because they had industry. They had the oil industry that kept their country going. But it was not equally shared between the people because their country was a Dictatorship, which is not a good thing. The dictator Saddam Hussein made the decisions what they would do with the oil not the people.

Now that Saddam is out of power someone needs to be in that country to guide them to a new beginning.

Was there a threat of Saddam having weapons of mass destruction? Yes, was the U.S. Government sure that he had these, No. Part of the Government's job is to protect our country. They thought he had them and if he did have them, what could have happened to us if he used them. Cities could have been destroyed like Boston, New York; D.C. Millions of people could have died. The Government decided to go into Iraq and see if these weapons existed, and if they did we would have taken them and made our country even safer.

Saddam Hussein is a mass murderer. He killed thousands of his own people called the Kurds who live in the North. If Saddam killed thousands of his own people imagine what he...