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“This is not the fight we entered in Iraq, but it is the fight we are in”, said President Bush at his State of the Union Address. The fight we entered a few years back was meant to find weapons of mass destruction, but our efforts came up dry with no results. Now we are trying to bring about western style democracy to people who are in need of a working government that Al Quaeda doesn’t want. Bush’s attempts to bring peace to Iraq in the past failed, but with his new proposal of adding 21,000 plus troops to the 130,000, we can.

A majority of Americans and politicians believe sending more troops to Iraq might be a step backward from ending the war in Iraq. Senator Carl Levin says Bush’s new strategy is flawed because using a military solution for the problems in Iraq is wrong when a political solution is needed.

Bush believes this plan will work because of actions that will be taken this time that were not taken the last time.

In earlier operations, Iraqi and American forces cleared many neighborhoods of terrorists and insurgents, but when our forces moved on to other targets, the killers returned (Bush 2.) With 20,000 additional troops, we will be able to hold areas clear of violence and terror while we move on to new targets and operations. The United States cannot do this on our own. If Iraqi forces do what the say they are going to do, then this will succeed (Baldor 2.)Over time, we can expect to see Iraqi troops chasing down murderers, fewer acts of terror, and growing trust and cooperation from Baghdad’s residents (Bush 2.) When Iraqis begin confiding in their leaders, life in Iraq will flourish. The Government will have the breathing room it needs to make progress in other critical areas.

This war has gone on for so long and America is so deep in it, that immediate withdrawal would be hazardous to the security of the American people, as well as the Iraqi people. Leaving Iraq would allow terrorists to take over Iraq and continue tearing the country and its people apart. By increasing our troops in Iraq and pressing harder for freedom than we ever have, we can succeed and ensure freedom and start looking for our brave men and women coming home for good. Once we have achieved this feat, Iraq will be able to defend itself and allow its people to carry on normal lives.

We have seen failure in our past efforts in Iraq, but this plan can work. With Iraqi and American forces combined, we can free a country, guarantee security for our country, and finally bring our loved ones home. This plan will not bring a quick end to bombings, assassinations, and killings, but with time, patience, and perseverance we can succeed.

The 20,000 extra troops being sent to Iraq are essential in our last effort that will bring security to all and end sectarian violence and crime. This is why we must support our troops in the field and on the way. Iraqis aren’t ready to fight terror on their own so bringing more troops will give us the boost and upper hand that will put a lasting stop on terror.

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