Conflict Management

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Conflict Management

If you have to deal with other people, sooner or later, you will have to deal with conflict. Conflict is not inherently bad. Conflict simply stems from differing viewpoints. Since no two people view the world exactly the same way, disagreement is quite normal. There are many different types of conflicts. Conflict can be within yourself when you are not living according to your values. It can arise when your values and perspective are threatened or discomfort from fear of the unknown.

Conflict can often be a good thing. It can help raise and address problems. Conflict can energize work to be on the most appropriate issues. It can help motivate employees to participate in the decision-making process. Conflict can also help people learn how to recognize and benefit from their differences. Conflict is not the problem--it is when conflict is poorly managed that is the problem.

Conflict can occur for many reasons in the workplace.

Some if the reasons are: poor communication between management and employees; the alignment or the amount of resources is insufficient; conflicting values or actions among managers and employees and poor leadership.

Managers can minimize conflict in the workplace by reviewing the job description and getting employees input on them. He/she needs to intentionally build relationships with all their subordinates. This can be accomplished by meeting with each employee alone at least once a month. Ask about the employee accomplishment, challenges and issues. Have employees do a written status report that include current issues, need from management and plans for the upcoming period. Managers can conduct training sessions on interpersonal communications,

conflict management and delegation. Develop procedures for routine tasks and include input from the employees. Distribute a copy of the procedures to each employee. Insure that each employee is trained on all...