Conflict Management

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Introduction: In this report, I will talk about conflict management. To be more specific, I will talk about something about the causes of conflicts, styles of conflicts, destructive and constructive conflicts, power relationships and negotiating techniques.

The Causes of Conflicts

As we all know, there are thousands kinds of conflict which happens around us almost anytime. In order to identify them and handle them, the first step is to understand the causes of conflict, such as communication failure, substandard performance, goal differences, methodological differences, personality conflict, value differences, non-compliance with rules, lack of co-operation, differences regarding authority, differences regarding responsibility and competition over resources. (Bib 1) In the following, I will talk about two of those causes in detail.

One main cause of conflict is personality conflict which happens because of different people have different personality. Though people need to communicate with all other types of person, sometimes they still find very difficult to do it very good because of different personality.

Some people some very conventional; some are unconventional. Because of this difference, the way they deal with a thing may be absolutely different. When they work together to solve a problem, the different personality may cause the conflict.

Another cause is non-compliance. Some people like to do things in the ways which they like and do not consider other people's feeling; some people like do things which do not follow the rules. These people always make conflict because of non-compliance. For instance, during a meeting or a appointment, the first we should remember is to be on time, but some people always come late for many different reasons. Though this may not influence the meeting or the appointment, this may make people feel uncomfortable and may cause some conflicts.

Styles of Conflicts

There are five classic conflict styles:...