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The aim of this report was to analyse the different type of conflicts occurring at my workplace and to provide a solution plan for them.

Understanding the nature and identifying the type of the conflict is essential to managing it. There are issue based or substantive and emotional based or personalized conflicts. We can make a difference between constructuve and destructive ones. Issue based constructive conflicts can drive the organization for development, but emotion based destructive conflicts can destroy the operation.

Differnt kind of conflicts require different handling types. I used the five handling type model. These are based on how assertive we are in expressing our own interests and how much we take other's interests into account.

According to the introduced methology, I analized a couple of conflicts in my organization.

Some of them are in my circle of resposibility some not. I choose four of them as follows:

·Unsatisfactory working attitude

This was deeply infected with emotions, so I have to be very careful with the solution.

I used collaborating style to handle, I put the weight on communication, and tried to explore the unexpressed feelings under the surface.

·Too many brakes, late arriving - early leaving, mass in the dealingroom

The conflict was about issues. I had to change the bad habits of my subordinates. I used compromising style, and together with the guys we find out a middle way solution.

·Quarrels on internal pricing

It was between my subordinates, an emotion based destructive one. The two informal group was involved in the issue. This was the hardest to resolve. To avoid such conflict in the particular issue, with collaborating style, we managed to find out a role of internal pricing which fits for each group.

·Inadequate IT support

This issue based conflict was between...