Conflict Management Styles

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Conflict Management Styles

Anytime more than one organization work together, conflict over the way business is conducted is bound to come to light. In order to minimize the impact to all parties involved, effective conflict resolution is essential. There are many different style of conflict resolution with each having its on advantages and disadvantages

Win--win conflict

When conflict arises at the Joint National Integration Center (JNIC), we try to employ the Win--win conflict style. Win--win conflict is achieved by a blend of both cooperativeness and high assertiveness (UOP, 2002). By using this style, we are able to minimize the impact of conflicts. There are several advantages and disadvantages to this style of conflict resolution.


The JNIC tries to utilize the Win--win conflict resolution style due to the elimination of continuing or resurrecting the conflict since nothing has been avoided or suppressed (UOP, 2002). We feel that this way of conflict resolution is cost effective in the long run due to not having to revisit the reasons for the conflict more then once.

When the conflict is resolved both parties feel that each other's goals have been reached and that everyone is satisfied with the outcome.


The Win--win style of conflict resolution is not always the preferred style in all situations. One disadvantage is this style takes a long time to work out all the details of a suitable resolution. Many meetings, telephone calls and e-mails take time, which means money and travel. If all parties involved are not willing to work together and possibly give in to some points, the Win--win style will not work.


Most conflicts at work deal with funding. We do most of our business in the Exercise Department with other commands stationed around the world. For example...if we are going to conduct an...