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The potential for conflict within the workplace is practically unlimited, when one considers the variety of different personality types and communication styles, cultural backgrounds, gender, age, personal experiences and beliefs that each member of the team contributes. The potential for conflict to arise in a hospital setting is considerably higher due to the complex and frequent interactions among the nurses and other employees. The results of these conflicts are determined by the individuals actions involved in the conflict.

The ConflictThis issue has been occurring among two staff members on the female unit for some time now. The issue stems from managerial structural changes within the hospital system. The dynamics of the unit has always been one charge nurse, one staff nurse and one LPN. The hospital has changed the unit by creating a patient care manager's position. The charge position is no longer needed. These nurses were provided the opportunity to apply for the patient care manager position.

In entering the position they no longer holding a union protected position so many nurses did not opt to enter into the management position.

The charge nurse refused to apply for the position and chose to stay at her current level of nursing. The newly appointed patient care manager entered the unit letting everyone know that she was the boss. These women are strong minded and independent nurses. Thus, the battle began for control. The patient care manager's style is that of a dictator, micro managing every detail. The charge nurse with a history of managing the unit and is unwilling to adapt to her new role. The two nurses spend every minute of the day in a battle for control.

This may be acceptable in sports, however, this a hospital unit and the friction between the two of them creates anxiety...